Obstacle Course Ragdoll
Obstacle Course Ragdoll
Obstacle Course Ragdoll

Obstacle Course Ragdoll

Obstacle Course Ragdoll is an action game that offers a thrilling experience with difficult obstacles and eye-catching three-dimensional graphics. Your task in this game is to accept challenges, overcome difficulties to win the most points.

Whether you like parkour, Roblox's hobby mode, or the thrill of WIPEOUT, this game combines elements of the most popular games to create an engaging and action-packed gaming experience. The game resembles the parkour maps found in "Minecraft", with an extremely lifelike sprite, amazing 3D graphics and exciting areas full of challenging obstacles. Start your adventure right away to test your skills!

How To Play

  • Use WASD = move.
  • Space Key = jump.
  • Shift = bend down.
  • Press C = slow step.
  • MMB or mouse wheel to zoom out/zoom in on the camera.
  • Press Tab to pause.

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