Tower Defense Kingdom
Tower Defense Kingdom
Tower Defense Kingdom

Tower Defense Kingdom

Welcome to Tower Defense Kingdom! In this game, your goal is to destroy the enemies trying to breach your gates to protect the kingdom. Do you have the courage to stand against these ruthless attackers and declare that your kingdom cannot be taken?

It is imperative to stop the enemy's advance at any cost, for the fate of everything hangs in the balance. The number of enemies to eliminate is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. Under no circumstances were they allowed to breach the city walls because that would signal the end of the battle. Be prepared for the difficulty to escalate as tougher opponents appear. Don't worry, because winning will help you earn gold, which can be used to recruit new archers. Enhance your defenses by purchasing freeze archers and blast archers. The fate of your kingdom depends on your skills and strategic choices. Can you win?


  • 3 different types of archers.
  • Many interesting levels.
  • Simple controls.

How To Play

  • Click and hold on the screen, move the mouse pointer to fine-tune your aim.
  • Release the mouse to shoot enemies.

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