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Ragdoll Archers
Ragdoll Archers

Ragdoll Archers

Ragdoll Archers is a marvelous physics-based shooting simulation game starring stickman. Knock out as many opponents as possible and get the crown.

Welcome to Ragdoll Archers!

Ragdoll Archers is a thrilling shooting game that's a must-play for fans of the archery simulation genre. In this game, players will control a stickman with an infinite set of bows and arrows. Your character has a lot of enemies that need to be eliminated, and the score will depend on the number of enemies shot down.

Not simply having the character point the bow and arrow at the opponent and shoot, Ragdoll Archers requires the player to have a very precise look to be able to aim at the opponent's weak point. Besides, gamers also need to pay attention to their stickman to avoid being hit by enemies at the critical point or being hit by too many arrows. Each stickman in this game will have a fixed quantity of blood and strength points. The blood points will be lost if the stickman is hit by an enemy's arrow, and the strength points will gradually decrease after each attack. Moreover, players can choose the type of bow and arrow for their archers when they have reached certain achievement milestones.

This archery game has three game modes for gamers to experience: single-player, PvP, and two-player. Each mode will be a fiery competition between archers in different contexts and strengths. Get smart strategies to defeat as many opponents as possible in this game.

How to knock-out the enemy?

Featuring three distinct game modes, players must master three different controls:

Single-player Mode

Click and hold the left mouse to put your character in a position to stretch the bowstring. Next, move the mouse so that the arrow points accurately at your opponent's stickman. Then, pay attention to the power status in the blue bar to align the shooting force. Finally, release the mouse to let your character shoot the bow towards the enemy. Remember, to avoid hurting yourself in Ragdoll Archers, hold down the spacebar to make your stickman jump.

PvP Mode

This is a confrontational mode. Usually, there will be two participants controlling the game as opponents to each other. There will be a total of five rounds, and the stickman of the side that survives more rounds will become the final winner.

With this mode, the gamer controlling Player 1 (the stickman on the left side of the screen) will aim and attack with the WASD keys and press left shift to jump up. The Player 2 controller (the stickman on the right side of the screen) uses the arrow keys to give action commands and shift right to jump. The corresponding commands are:

  • W-UP arrow: point the arrow upward
  • S-DOWN arrow: point the arrow downward
  • A, D keys: RIGHT, LEFT arrow: get into aiming position; release your hand to let the character's bow and arrow shoot.

Two-player Mode

The interesting point of Ragdoll Archers is that the two-player mode will be teamwork. Two operators participating in the game will be a pair and fight enemies. The way to control these characters in this mode is similar to PvP mode.

Features that Elevate the Enjoyment

In Ragdoll Archers, players will see two factions confronting each other with bows and arrows. Each stickman character will have two color bars: red represents blood, and blue represents shooting power. The player's task is to keep your stickman alive as long as possible, which means keeping the highest remaining blood bar. The character will lose blood if the opponent's bow and arrow hits any part of the stickman's body. When the number on this red bar drops to zero, the object will be lost.

However, players can help the stickman regain blood by letting the stickman shoot fruit floating in the air. Additionally, in the battle map, there are bombs that can explode on your own character if you shoot them. Be careful with the bombs.

The blue bar represents shooting power. It will determine how far the character's arrow can reach. Ragdoll Archers allow the main object's strength points to gradually recover over time. The more rest time the archer character has, the more strength points you recover. That means gamers should avoid controlling the entity to shoot too many arrows in a short time. This will reduce shooting power and hitting efficiency.

Furthermore, sometimes in this game, stickmen will be equipped with protective accessories such as helmets, iron shields, compound bows, etc. These support tools will give the character increased defensive power. In case your enemy in this archery game is equipped with these accessories, control your stickman to shoot to separate this support from the opponent's character.

Become a Pro Archer with some tips

Ragdoll Archers offers simple gameplay with easy-to-grab mechanics that allow new players to quickly get a feel for the gaming controls. Gamers can get used to it very rapidly after just a few tries. However, to get the highest score, players can consider some of the following tips:

  • Aim your stickman's arrow at your opponent's head. This is also an experience for you to know that the character's head will be a fatal weakness. If the force of your entity's arrow is strong enough, it can kill the opponent instantly.
  • With Ragdoll Archers, you can control the stickman to shoot multiple times at the same part of the opponent. This will reduce the enemy's strength, and your character will have an advantage in winning easier.
  • Do not let your object shoot multiple bows and arrows at once. This action will cause the stickman to lose strength, so the enemy can take advantage of this situation to attack. Be careful every time you give the command to shoot an arrow.
  • Try not to pay too much attention to increasing your character's blood with the fruits floating on the screen of the game. Because it will distract your control, the stickman will be vulnerable to attack, leading to loss.

Explore the world of Stickman games

Intense archery rounds make gamers feel hypnotized in Ragdoll Archers matches. Players who want to experience more crazy and challenging battles can consider a series of extremely attractive stickman games such as Stickman Epic Battle, Stickman Bow 3, Archer in Dungeons, and so on.

Let's control your character to win the crown of victory with fiery archery!