Island Bombing
Island Bombing
Island Bombing

Island Bombing

Welcome to Island Bombing, a super casual yet incredibly fun game where your mission is to attack islands until you conquer the sea. The end of the world has come to Clown World. Around the world, strange blue bombs have appeared and King Clown is in desperate need of help.

Since they are structured in puzzles spanning 60 levels, clearing these explosives is not always an easy task. Each level contains a single igniter bomb that can trigger all the bombs around it, so Kid Clown must use his wits wisely. If he wants to complete a level in one go, he must place explosives in a way that starts a chain reaction. To avoid an explosive reaction, he must also leave the vicinity of the reaction. There is a hidden bonus area with even more difficult stages waiting for him if he can pass all 60 levels quickly and get a gold medal in each level.


  • Funny cartoon character.
  • Many different levels.
  • Challenge your puzzle solving speed.

How To Play

  • Click to place explosives one by one along the moving line.

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