Castel Wars Middle Ages
Castel Wars Middle Ages
Castel Wars Middle Ages

Castel Wars Middle Ages

Castel Wars Middle Ages is an exciting pixel game, you will experience the thrill of using authentic medieval weapons and armor in the latest episode. Planning and precision are the keys to defeating enemies with these new weapons.

There are two brand new game types and themes to choose from, just like in the previous game. Instead of catapults, you now have cannons. The power and damage of cannons are significantly higher. Strengthening your wings will allow you to gently descend from above. The wings bonus stands out among all these amazing changes! You can sneak up on your enemies from above and launch strategic attacks once you receive this sought-after power-up. This feature completely changes the gameplay, opening up new possibilities for creative strategies and allowing players to try new techniques.

How To Play

For blue players:

  • WASD = move/bulk.
  • E = hit/hold to throw weapon.
  • Q = change weapon.

For red players:

  • Arrow keys = move/create block.
  • Spacebar = hold to throw weapon.
  • M = change weapon.

This exciting universe is yours to explore solo or in two-player co-op mode for double the fun! If you like this game, check out Castle KeeperCastle Defender Saga too.